Mom’s Recipes!

Try not to get too overwhelmed! I’m kidding. DO GET OVERWHELMED! It’s Haitian food we’re talking about here!

String beans fritters (akra pwa neg/ Accras de pois inconnus)

Yes you read that right!At first when I learned about this appetizer, I frowned :”I’ve never heard of such a thing!” And when I grew up in Haiti, I’ve never encountered it or even tasted it.“What in the world is that!?”String beans fritters! Let’s just experiment with it.  Unlike the popular akra fritters recipe, thisContinue reading “String beans fritters (akra pwa neg/ Accras de pois inconnus)”

Bonbon Lakay

I remember attending an event at Lakou Cafe one day and seeing a little white box by the bar with a smiling “machann” (Haitian woman merchant) drawing on top. It was so inviting that it made me smile and I simply grabbed it. I proceeded to opening it, not even knowing who it belonged to.Continue reading “Bonbon Lakay”

Customer Service 101

Working in the service industry is no easy task. I am well aware of it as I’ve spent my whole life working in the field. From the medical to the culinary world and art management, I’ve faced very difficult situations that even left me in tears. But one thing they all had in common isContinue reading “Customer Service 101”

Farce tête-de-maure (Edam cheese spread)

The key ingredient to today’s recipe is Edam Cheese or as we, Haitians know it to be, Fromage tête-de-maure. Growing up only paying attention to the phonetics of that word, I really believed that it was spelled “Fromage tête de mort“, which literally means “dead person’s head”. Edam/Holland Cheese from the Netherlands owes its French name toContinue reading “Farce tête-de-maure (Edam cheese spread)”

Party Etiquette!

I am a sucker for hosting and coordinating events. I just love being busy and feeling productive. Once I plan a party, you know it won’t be like any other. There’s nothing more gratifying than to have satisfied guests, to have accomplished the vision you had in mind. However, people are people. Having different expectationsContinue reading “Party Etiquette!”

Chayote vermicelli

This recipe is super simple! Quite frankly I’m not familiar with it. Let alone, having heard of it. Ingredients 1 lb of chayote (peeled and cut like fries) 1 tsp of salt 2 tsps of fresh or dried parsley 1 tsp of garlic powder 1/4 cup of butter  (1/2 stick) Directions Boil water and addContinue reading “Chayote vermicelli”

Haitian BrUnch.

I woke up this morning wanting to cook my husband something typically Haitian. I was getting tired of the usual eggs, english muffins, bagels, cream cheese and bacon shenanigans! So I turned on some Haitian Troubadour. And jammed through my cooking! It turned out so gracefully beautiful! Although this particular dish is actually eaten as a BREAKFASTContinue reading “Haitian BrUnch.”


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Nathalie here,

Cooked any of these recipes? I’m so proud of you! I’d love to see what you’ve done. Don’t hesitate to comment and share! Join the tribe!

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