I love everything with a little bit of hot pepper. I will fearlessly bite into a jalapeno for example,  as I enjoy the” taste” of the hot juice that comes out of it. I just can’t have enough of that hot spicy feeling in my mouth. Did you know that actually ” Spicy ” is notContinue reading “Pikliz”

Macaroni au gratin (Baked Macaroni)

What would a Sunday Haitian dinner be without ¬†Macaroni au gratin? One of my classmates in College was surprised at how ¬†interestingly different this tasted from Mac&Cheese. I brought a “slice” to school with me for lunch a few years back (it was a piece of leftovers) and I cared to share it with her.Continue reading “Macaroni au gratin (Baked Macaroni)”