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I remember attending an event at Lakou Cafe one day and seeing a little white box by the bar with a smiling “machann” (Haitian woman merchant) drawing on top. It was so inviting that it made me smile and I simply grabbed it. I proceeded to opening it, not even knowing who it belonged to.
Once I lifted the lid, long behold! It was exactly what I expected it to be: Haitian Goodies!

“Whose is this?, I asked”.
Cassandre, the owner of Lakou Cafe simply answered :
“It’s everybody’s. It’s catered goods”.
That’s all the validation I needed to just dive in! That box was filled with “Bonbon Amidon” (Cornstarch cookies). I tried cooking this recipe 5 years ago and it tasted exactly the same. Exquisite!

So who or what is BONBONLAKAY
BonbonLakay is ran by someone that I have met several times in the past without knowing she was the brains behind this beautiful business. I loved the fact that I found out about the product the way I did. It fulfilled the purpose she wanted it to. It brought me closer to home. From the texture to the smell, any product found in the little white box will bring you back to a childhood memory in an instant. We’re talking about :

  • Chokola (Chocolate)
  • Tamarind (Tamaren)
  • Pistach Griye (Roasted Peanuts)
  • Tablet (peanut brittles)
  • Assorted Haitian patties
  • konparèt (Haitian Ginger Bread)
  • Rum cake truffles
  • Quenepe
  • Lang bèf (angel wings)
  • Dous makòs (vanilla and chocolate fudge)
  • Manba (Haitian Peanut butter)

Back home, all these pastries and desserts were even more authentic when they came from “andeyò” (the provinces) and I can’t help but imagine BONBONLAKAY’s delivery to do exactly that. Bringing us some delicacies from “andeyò” and sparking conversation.
BONBONLAKAY was founded in New York by Edgina Desormeau. Also known as Eddie. You could find her beautiful platters or ordered boxes laying about in different events around the city. And to make it convenient for you they even offer a delivery service.

For me, BONBONLAKAY is more than just a product. BONBONLAKAY is selling an experience!

Eddie explains the concept behind this project herself:

The vision for Bonbon Lakay is to spread Haitian culture through food while helping Haitian businesses based in Haiti and in the U.S. Bonbon Lakay is an opportunity for Haitian farmers, makers, creators to sell their products beyond borders that they may otherwise not have access to. Since launching, it’s been really satisfying seeing our customer’s reactions when they discover Bonbon Lakay. Oftentimes they tell us how much they’ve been looking for or wanting something like this. It can be sad to hear stories of folks leaving behind their lives in Haiti to now live in areas where the nearest Haitian restaurant or bakery is 3 or more hours away. And to hear their feedback after they’ve received their order, and are having treats from their childhood that often they haven’t had in 8, 15, 20 years. It’s really moving. We represent so much more than the products we sell. The products represent so much more. It’s a chance to be introduced or reintroduced to Haiti. It’s having a little piece of home while helping microeconomies in Haiti thrive

You can show your support by clicking here to celebrate their one year anniversary  on Friday November 15th at Lakou Cafe.

Custom Bonbon Lakay Grazing Board – Party Trays
Bonbon Sirop
Cake with a Cane syrup base mixed with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger
Bonbon Amidon
Cornstarch cookies. Rich in texture.

Published by Nathalie JB

Bonjou! My name is Nathalie Jean-Baptiste. Yes! I know, my last name doesn’t get any more Haitian than that! Who am I really? I consider myself a renaissance woman. I looooooove learning new skills in any field possible: Culinary, baking, painting, crafting, designing, writing, knitting, sewing. You name it! I often joke while saying “ I’m a tout bagay”. Which literally translates to “I’m everything”. Most say I'd make a great surgeon due to the agility in my hands. Sure, I can manage any tasks requiring detail and precision. It drives my audacity to venture in the kitchen with absolutely no experience. What better motivation than to share my culinary journey with you? To help you get better at things you probably thought you couldn't do. At least, that was my drive! I guess by now, you’ve already figured out that I'm the cook and photographer behind “Pilon lakay”. This blog started 8 years ago as I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about Haitian cuisine. Back home, I was never taught how to cook nor was I ever interested in being in the kitchen unless it involved baking. Instead, I loved preparing cakes and cookies. (Shhhh! I still do). After a couple of years in the US, like most of us immigrants, I missed food from home. The good stuff, you know! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make of this a personal exploration of Haitian food. Boy what a journey it has been! While cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I wanted to encourage others like me to actually learn and explore Haiti’s gastronomy. I made sure my instructions were personal and beginner friendly. My recipe directions contain a lot more details than any other regular recipes. With a personal touch, it's a depiction of my thought process when I do these many tasks. I'm sure you can cook anything on here! If I can do it, you can too! Come experience Haiti through your taste buds! Meet you in the kitchen! Love, N.

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