Boulettes a l’ Haitienne (Haitian Meatballs)

                              This is my second day cooking a Haitian dish and it seems like I’m getting more and more disappointed by the lines in the book. I found myself to be in a constant race with the sunset, less interested inContinue reading “Boulettes a l’ Haitienne (Haitian Meatballs)”

Tatouni & Croquettes d’ igname

” What’s the worst that could happen? If it turns out to be bad, we’ll just order Chinese” Finally sitting down on my couch with my feet up and my back is experiencing much relief and happiness! I never knew (or maybe I forgot) how tiring it was to cook ! I guess I gotContinue reading “Tatouni & Croquettes d’ igname”

Famous Haitian dishes vs. Nathalie

So, while I’m still brainstorming  about what my first dish will be ( You can expect a posting between Friday and Saturday) ,  I started doing some research on the history/background of  Haitian spices. I also wanted to see if I was correct when it came to listing the most known Haitian dishes. . . Comes out toContinue reading “Famous Haitian dishes vs. Nathalie”


Almost 3 years since Haiti’s earthquake  (January 12th, 2010). For me it was one of the most terrifying experiences, if not the only one. 3 years since I’ve set foot in my homeland. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were laying down next to each other. I was tellingContinue reading “” MANJE LAKAY””