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“You can take Me out of Haiti. But you cannot take Haiti out of me”

Over the years, I have stumbled upon so many Haitian restaurant gems! I will be sharing my experience with some of them here as their food, entertainment and service were the perfect combination for a wonderful culinary experience.

I will share my own reviews in the near future

Lakou Cafe


Founded by Weeksville resident Cassandre Davilmar in May 2018, Lakou has quickly become a community cafe, providing fresh coffee, tasty treats, relaxing cocktails, nourishing smoothies and most importantly fellowship!

In Haitian culture, the lakou is a space where the community gathers to exchange knowledge, fellowship and nourish their souls and bodies. In a similar manner, Lakou is a space our community can gather to exchange knowledge, make a new friend and enjoy wonderful Caribbean-inspired food and drink.

(718) 676-1047
1206 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 121225

The idea for ZANMI started like many others – a love of community and a love of food. Several pillars of the Haitian community – from glamorous Manhattan bartenders and professional sous chefs, to moguls in local and international real estate – came together and thought, “Why not?”. Why not share our passion for food with the world? Why not expand our projects in Haiti to our home in NYC? And so we did.

Zanmi was started by a group of friends of varying professions in the service industry, and remains a tight knit group, advocating for food, friends, and family through service and cuisine. However, our goal is to use our platform to bring to light the voices of Brooklyn. Zanmi is hub for Haitian-American cuisine and most importantly community. Making connections means something to us – in fact the very word “Zanmi” translates to the word “friends”. Our neighbors success is our success. Together, we are stronger.


Two locations:
Bed-Stuy (718) 484-4880
Navy Yard (347) 599-2261

Representing the culmination of good food and community, Grandchamps is not just a restaurant. They are committed to:
– Provide quality, healthy food options
– Hire locally
-Support and collaborate with creatives
– Share our culture and embrace others
– Add value to their community

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