Home made pizza

There’s nothing like “home-made everything”! In Haiti, I always loved making pizza at home. This was also my father’s specialty. Any kind of pasta, from lasagna to pizzas he would cook. Actually these were the only things he could cook. One of the few good memories I have of him. The pie crust is easyContinue reading “Home made pizza”

Labouyi farine France (Flour porridge)

Back home, in the weekly menu, it was guaranteed that the all purpose flour (also known as Farine France) ingredient would be listed. Either as breakfast or supper, mother would make sure that we would have¬†porridge! Flour porridge to be more precise. When I moved here in New York, the only porridge-like dish that wasContinue reading “Labouyi farine France (Flour porridge)”


What is cremas (Kremas) ? It’s a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage which main ingredients are coconut cream and rum ūüôā This beverage is usually served on holidays or special occasions. At first I used to think that ¬†the name ” Cremas” derived from describing ¬†the creamy texture of the drink. Well, I still believeContinue reading “Cremas”

Tarte a l’ oignon (Onion pie)

” Com’on Nathalie! Knead it like a woman! ” I can remember my mother’s voice repeatedly yelling at me as I was trying to make a pie crust! ” Met fanm sou ou!” (which¬†literally¬†means ” Put a woman on you” -_- ) . It’s a term that is often used by mature women in myContinue reading “Tarte a l’ oignon (Onion pie)”

Touff√© d’ Aubergine et de Mirliton

“CHAYOTE SQUASH (militon) must not be eaten by a man, or he will become partially impotent.” Bryant C. Freeman, Ph.D.¬†Third-World Folk Beliefs¬†and Practices:¬†Haitian Medical¬†Anthropology.¬†La Presse Evang√©lique Wikipedia says: “A 1998 study at the Institute of Biology of S√£o Paulo State University, Brazil, found eggplant juice to significantly reduce weight, plasma cholesterol levels, and aortic cholesterolContinue reading “Touff√© d’ Aubergine et de Mirliton”


Almost 3 years since Haiti’s earthquake ¬†(January 12th, 2010). For me it was one of the most terrifying experiences, if not the only one. 3 years since I’ve set foot in my homeland. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were laying down next to each other. I was tellingContinue reading “” MANJE LAKAY””