What is cremas (Kremas) ? It’s a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage which main ingredients are coconut cream and rum 🙂
This beverage is usually served on holidays or special occasions.

At first I used to think that  the name ” Cremas” derived from describing  the creamy texture of the drink.
Well, I still believe that the name still refers to that description.
However, after some research, I discovered that ” cremas ” is actually the name of a stone; a stone which color greatly resembles that of the drink.

My mother and her comere (My sister’s godmother) would sometimes meet on Sundays, sit at the table and chat over some cremas  and sweet pastry (gateau au beurre). At a very young age (maybe between 15 and 16) , my sister and I would feel privileged to be part of  this Sunday ” litany “. Less interested in the chit chats of the two adults but much more interested in the sweet delicacies.

2 cans of evaporated milk (12oz)
2 coconuts or 1 can of cream of coconut (15oz)
2 cans of condensed milk (12oz)
4 cups of sugar or less if preferred
A bottle of Haitian rum (preferably, BARBANCOURT)
vanilla extract
zest of lime
3/4 cup of sun-dried raisins (optional)

These directions are the easiest you’ll ever find.
Grate the flesh of the coconut and use a sieve to filter the water of the coconut from its flesh.
Press as hard as you can. Discard of the flesh and save the milk of the coconut to add in your mixture.
This step can be replaced by just adding the can of cream of coconut to the mixture.

Leave the sugar aside.
Put the raisins in a bowl. Use a fork to poke them all around and leave them to soak in the rum for about 30mns to 1 hour.
Use a big container/bowl, pour all the other ingredients in it and mix with a wooden spoon until everything looks well blended in.
Pour your sugar in the mix gradually until it is sweet enough for you.
Then add your raisins in the container. Use your spoon to swirl them into your mix.



Published by Nathalie JB

Bonjou! My name is Nathalie Jean-Baptiste. Yes! I know, my last name doesn’t get any more Haitian than that! Who am I really? I consider myself a renaissance woman. I looooooove learning new skills in any field possible: Culinary, baking, painting, crafting, designing, writing, knitting, sewing. You name it! I often joke while saying “ I’m a tout bagay”. Which literally translates to “I’m everything”. Most say I'd make a great surgeon due to the agility in my hands. Sure, I can manage any tasks requiring detail and precision. It drives my audacity to venture in the kitchen with absolutely no experience. What better motivation than to share my culinary journey with you? To help you get better at things you probably thought you couldn't do. At least, that was my drive! I guess by now, you’ve already figured out that I'm the cook and photographer behind “Pilon lakay”. This blog started 8 years ago as I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about Haitian cuisine. Back home, I was never taught how to cook nor was I ever interested in being in the kitchen unless it involved baking. Instead, I loved preparing cakes and cookies. (Shhhh! I still do). After a couple of years in the US, like most of us immigrants, I missed food from home. The good stuff, you know! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make of this a personal exploration of Haitian food. Boy what a journey it has been! While cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I wanted to encourage others like me to actually learn and explore Haiti’s gastronomy. I made sure my instructions were personal and beginner friendly. My recipe directions contain a lot more details than any other regular recipes. With a personal touch, it's a depiction of my thought process when I do these many tasks. I'm sure you can cook anything on here! If I can do it, you can too! Come experience Haiti through your taste buds! Meet you in the kitchen! Love, N.

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